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Were you able to attend our
May 18 Live Oak Mental Wellness Festival?

Did you miss our
May 18 Live Oak Mental Wellness Festival?

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May 18 Live Oak
Mental Wellness Festival

Join Live Oak Mental Wellness Project and dozens of agencies from around the Antelope Valley as they introduce techniques for navigating life more effectively.

Meals from local food trucks will be provided to the first 1,500 participants who RSVP!

Elevate Mental Health Understanding.png

Elevate your understanding
of mental health

Learn about different components of emotional well-being and strategies for increasing your skills in each to improve your life and interactions with others.

Connect with Mental Health Support.png

Get connected to the right mental health supports for you

Speak with mental health service providers to learn what follow-up support will help you address your needs effectively.

Join a Social Community.png

Join a social community that's the best fit for you

Get connected with a local group that shares your interests and begin to develop meaningful relationships that will contribute to your mental wellness.

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Booth Hosts

Featuring the 6 Wave Domains from
Insta May 18 Event Map - English (Instagram Post) (1).png

Our sincerest thanks to every volunteer, booth host,
food vendor, and attendee who contributed to make our
2024 Take Action LA event a huge success!
(We hope to see you all again in 2025!)

Live Oak 5K Run/Walk
for Mental Wellness 2023

Our sincerest thanks to each Participant, Volunteer, Booth Host, Donor, Unofficial Publicist...

to each and every one of you who helped to support our fledgling organization's very first event:

Thank you!!!

Booth Hosts

Thank you to the following Mental Health Service Providers, Nonprofit Organizations,

and Businesses for hosting booths, activities, and delicious food & beverages

 for our participants on June 3!

Live Oak 5K Start.jpeg
Live Oak 5K MHALA Start Line.jpeg
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