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Welcome to Our Village

We're so glad you're here.

Getting the right mental health supports can be such a complicated process

that many people who need it give up before even reaching the intake process.

We're here to help.

From finding providers who accept your insurance

to helping you make your therapy appointments

to helping you find the resources you need for sustenance,

we are here to provide as much support as you need to begin your mental health care.

Community is critical to mental wellness.

In addition to directing you to other local nonprofit organizations that will benefit you,

we will help you find somewhere to belong if you do not currently have a "village" of your own.


Our vision is that you will successfully integrate mental wellness strategies into daily life and

be planted and deeply rooted in the right social community to enable you to thrive.

Help Us Build Bridges

We've only just begun...

We are a brand-new organization (incorporated in October 2022), and we are spending

our first year making the connections we'll need to be an effective community resource.

Our goal is to launch person-to-person referral services by Fall 2023.

If you know someone we should know, we'd love an introduction!

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Once we have built the network we need, our next step will be marketing our organization all over the Antelope Valley

so people know how we can help them! This will require significant funding, and we would greatly appreciate your help.

All donations made to Live Oak Mental Wellness Project are tax-deductible,

so please consider working us into your monthly Charitable Giving budget!


Live Oak Mental Wellness Project, Inc.

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Live Oak Mental Wellness Project, Inc.



Live Oak Mental Wellness Project, Inc.


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