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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

In partnership with the

City of Lancaster, LA County Department of Mental Health, and New Hope Grief Support Community,

we are now hosting peer-led Grief & Loss Support Groups.

Click here to register for our next cohort.

We also provide referral services for mental health and other needs:

Tell us your story and we will help connect you with the resources you need in the Antelope Valley.

As we continue to become more a part of the local mental health and adjoining communities,

we are looking for gaps in resources for which we are well-suited to fill.

There are so many incredible people doing so much amazing work in our area;

we want to be sure that we are intentional to avoid unnecessary duplication and

focus our efforts where they are most needed.

How will my donation be used?

As a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, Live Oak Mental Wellness Project uses all funding to further our mission to

connect individuals and families with mental health resources, development, and community in the Antelope Valley (and eventually beyond).

In 2023 (and now again in 2024!), we were awarded a grant as part of Take Action for Mental Health LA through

California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) and Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

with funding through Prop 63: The Mental Health Services Act.

The purpose of this grant was to host an event in Los Angeles County that would support the statewide campaign to help residents

check in, learn more, and get support for their own mental health or the mental health of someone they care about by working to

destigmatize mental illness and bring public awareness to local mental health resources.

Our June 3 event, Live Oak 5K Run/Walk for Mental Wellness,

featured over a dozen AV-based mental health service providers and nonprofits and saw over 500 participants.

We attribute the incredible turnout for our organization's very first event in part to

the advertising that we were able to do with our grant funding.

Once our budget allows, we would love to continue to use local billboard and bus ads to help spread the word about our services

and encourage our reputation as AV's First Stop in Mental Health Support to take root.

Ave S Sign Take Action LA June 3 P5K RunWalk (12x4).png
Why "Live Oak"?

Co-Founder and Executive Director Monica M. Olsen fell in love with Southern Live Oak trees for their beauty when she lived on the outskirts of New Orleans for three years in high school. Upon seeing the Wired video below in 2018, she became convinced that there was no better metaphor for community, with each member holding up the others through even the fiercest of storms.

Here in Southern California, we have the Canyon Live Oak, which has the notable ability to regenerate quickly following a wild fire,

providing food and shelter to returning fauna as other trees and plants work to regrow.

This metaphor for resilience following the deepest tragedies solidified the co-founders' decision

to name the nonprofit organization for this exceptional evergreen tree.

What are some future goals of Live Oak Mental Wellness Project?

As our organization grows, we hope to:

  • Help to find financial assistance for students pursuing careers in mental health

  • Open a physical space to for teens and others to have a safe, judgment-free place to spend time

  • Host support groups and other social community gatherings in our space

  • Host life coaching, yoga, and other activities that address holistic wellness

  • Develop an ambassador program for our graduates to mentor new members

  • Replicate our model in other areas to support mental wellness nationwide!

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